The Mini HaHa Triathlon

2018 Mini Haha Race Cancelled due to Broomfield Community Center Re-Construction Project.

A Message from Race Coordinator, Dawn Rachjaibun regarding the future of the event...

It brings me great sadness to let you know that we will not be running the Mini Haha Triathlon this year nor the next couple of years.

As some of you may know already, the City and County of Broomfield will be renovating the Broomfield Community Center beginning this August, 2018-2020.

The entire facility will undergo a complete reconstruction to create a new and fabulous Community Center!  More info about the timeline and current design plans can be found at the link below.  You may also sign up to receive email updates about the project.

We are very excited about the project and what the future will hold for our Community, programs, activities, events, and services!

Unfortunately, there are just to many uncertainties with what to expect with the project, timeline, construction, and preparation, to host the Mini Haha this year.

This event is near and dear to me and the staff because of all of our fabulous participants over the years.  You all make this event truly successful and the most amazing event ever!!!

I know many of you look forward to the event each year, bring new family members and friends to join you in succeeding in a goal to help your heart, health, and spirit!  I am hoping that you will continue to aim high, find other events to keep you motivated to make new goals, and most importantly - have fun and stay healthy!

I will miss you all over the next few years! 

Dawn Rachjaibun and the Broomfield Team!

Curious about the event so you can dream about it's revival in the future?  Here is the race info from our last year in 2017!

2017 Route Map
2017 Parking Map
2017 General Race Info
2017 Registration Form