Nickel Street Improvements

Loris and Associates has nearly completed the design, The 90% design plans have been submitted to staff for review and staff has issued final comments.  Final plans for construction bidding are anticipated to be completed in February 2019.  The project will then be issued for construction bidding and a construction agreement presented to City Council in spring 2019. If approved, construction could begin in late Spring of 2019.

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Loris and Associates has started design which will continue through the Spring 2018.  A traffic study has been completed.  Loris is expected to submit 90% plans in September.  A plan for bike lane and sidewalk improvements at US 287 and Nickel Street was sent to CDOT for review and they have issued comments.  The project was presented to the public on August 15th at the Broomfield Community Center as part of the Walk Bike Broomfield Open House.  Staff anticipates presenting an award agreement to Council in late Fall, and if approved, Construction is anticipated to start in the Winter 2018 and be completed in the Spring 2018.

Background Information

The project will improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians by adding bike lanes to each side of Nickel Street, adding sidewalk, and making crosswalk improvements at US 287.  The bike lanes will go from US 287 to Midway Boulevard.  

Nickel Street

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