JDW Social Education Programs

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SEE is directed by a JDW Social Education Programs, a company that instructs over 10,000 students annually on a national basis. The company has been recognized for its excellence by CBS Sunday Morning News, ABC World Weekend News and other major news publications.

With today’s challenges, young people with well-developed social skills have a tangible advantage in virtually every aspect of their lives. Social skills empower individuals to feel comfortable with themselves and others, to communicate more effectively, promoting personal growth, confidence, leadership and character. How one behaves not only is a demonstration of character, it is also a reflection of education. In addition to the social skills and etiquette education, the SEE program incorporates social dance to break down inhibitions, teach physical respect, develop self-confidence, establish teamwork and cooperation, reinforce non-verbal and verbal communication, and teach students how to appropriately interact with the opposite gender in a structured, healthy, safe, and fun environment - all in the process of having fun!