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Sewer Rates

Ordinance no. 1964

All new residential accounts are charged per month until an Average Winter Consumption (AWC) is established.
Minimum sewer rate on any account is $12.48

For Residential accounts
Monthly sewer charges are determined by using the average winter consumption (AWC) method. Individual water consumption is monitored from four monthly bills reflecting usage between November 1 through March 31. A monthly usage average is calculated to assess the monthly sewer charge for the year. This monthly average is multiplied by $3.12 per thousand gallons.  These new charges will appear on your first statement in April.

All new multi-unit residential accounts are charged $18.72 per dwelling unit until an AWC is established.

For Non-Residential accounts
New non-residential accounts are charged $18.72 per equivalent residential unit (ERU) until year round non-irrigation water consumption is established. In addition to any surcharges under subsection 2b that also apply. (note) ERUs are purchased when the licenses for water and sewer were purchased.

Each account is assigned an equivalent residential unit (ERU) calculation based on a comparison to the demand of a single-family detached house (usually 320 gallons per day).

The monthly sewer charge is either the AWC multiplied by $3.12 per thousand gallons or the ERU multiplied by $12.48 whichever is greater.