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Grant Opportunities
Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD)
Check out eligibility and funding information for the SCFD. The Broomfield Cultural Council will look with favor on requests from organizations that receive less than half of their total funding from all SCFD sources in addition to evidence of responsible stewardship. Diversification of funding is critical.

All applicants need to thoroughly explain how the organization or project will benefit the City and County of Broomfield.  Applicants also need to demonstrate and measure how they are reaching Broomfield citizens with their project/programs. Since the Cultural Council has new members each year, applicants should thoroughly explain the organization history and impact in Broomfield.

The Broomfield County SCFD grant application deadline has passed for 2014.

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Tier III information

SCFD Timeline:

Spring Summer Fall Winter
Year Round
Eligibility applications accepted year round but must be received
by September Deadline in order for an eligibility determination
to be made prior to the following grant year.
Staff review and determine eligibility
Staff review and determine eligibility
Organizations attend grant workshops
Tier III grant applications due
March – May
Applicants interviewed by County Cultural Councils
County allocation meetings to determine funding
Funding plans submitted to County Commissioners/City Councils
Funding plans approved by SCFD Board of Directors
Check distribution ceremonies
Organizations use SCFD funds (have 14 months from
distribution to use funds)
Organizations use SCFD funds
      Mid February
Final Grant Report due to SCFD office

Broomfield Arts, Culture, and Science (ACS) Funding Program
The Broomfield City Council authorizes funds in the City budget to support arts, culture and science programs offered to the community. The Broomfield County Cultural Council (BCCC) reviews grant applications and makes recommendations to the City Council.  Funding decisions are based on benefits to the Broomfield community, consistent with the City’s cultural master plan, Creative Broomfield.

Applications proposing programs to be presented in Broomfield County will be accepted. Resident applicant organizations will receive priority consideration.  Innovative programs that address an unmet arts, science or cultural niche are encouraged. Funding requests for general operations, capital campaigns, individuals, and trip or event sponsorships will not be considered due to limited ACS funding. The ACS grant application cycle is complete for 2013. 2014 information will be available in late spring.

The ACS grant application deadline is Friday, September 5, 2014 at 4 p.m.

More Information:
Creative Broomfield - Cultural Master Plan
Broomfield County Cultural Council

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