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3.2% Beer License

RE: New 3.2% Beer License Application 

Listed below you will find information and forms required to submit an application packet for a new 3.2% Beer License.  These forms specify additional documents that need to be included with the application. In addition, Broomfield requires that a Control Plan be submitted with the application. The Plan should identify how alcohol will be controlled on the premises, including but not limited to information regarding locked alcohol storage, signage, and training of employees.

1. Colorado Fermented Malt Beverage (3.2% Beer) License Application - DR8403
2. Individual History Record Application - DR8404-1
3. City of Broomfield Sales Tax License Application
4. Information regarding Petitions
5. Fee Schedule
6. Broomfield Municipal Code - Chapter 5-32
7. Information regarding Police Department Liquor Training
8. Lawful Presence Affidavit (for Sole Proprietors, only)

License fees

Payable to: State of Colorado Department of Revenue
     Application fee for New License or                                          $1,025.00
     Application fee for New License - Concurrent Review             $1,125.00
     Retail 3.2% Beer On/Off Premises                                                   96.25 
Payable to: City and County Of Broomfield 
    Application fee for New License                                                    500.00 
    Retail 3.2% Beer On/Off Premises                                                      3.75

Payable to: Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) 
    Fingerprinting/Background Check Fee 
    (Cashiers check or money order only)                                     $38.50 each
If the applicant is a corporation, partnership, association or a limited liability company, it is to list by position all officers and directors, general partners, managing members, registered managers, all stockholders, partners (including limited partners) and members who have a 10% or greater financial interest in the applicant. All persons listed must submit an Individual History Record form and need to be fingerprinted by the Police Department for a background check. If there is a Master File on file with the State of Colorado, please provide that information. Fingerprinting is done weekly in the Broomfield Police Department Monday and Tuesday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Tuesday evening from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. There is a fee of $38.50 for each person being fingerprinted, which should be submitted to the Clerk’s office, along with the fingerprint card. 

All applicants must contact the Planning Department for any information regarding the location of the licensed premises for zoning, restrictions, etc., and all food service applicants must also contact the Health Department for food service requirements. Applicants with new buildings must complete the planning process before submitting a liquor license application. For questions regarding the planning process please call Diana Tangsrud, Planning Department at 303-438-6284. For food service requirements, please call the Health and Human Services Department at 720-887-2200. 

The Broomfield Local Licensing Authority (LLA) meets the first Wednesday of every month. Completed packets from applicants are due on Monday three weeks prior to the meeting. (See the chart below for specific dates.) Page 2 of the Colorado Liquor or 3.2% Fermented Malt Beverage Retail License Application provides a checklist of documentation required to accompany the application submitted. A list of possible additional documents needed is found on page 4 of the application and on page 2 of the Individual History Form. Applications must be submitted in duplicate.  After receipt of the application and upon Staff review of its completeness, a date will be set to present the application before the Broomfield Local Licensing Authority (LLA). At that time, the Authority will note receipt of the application, establish the neighborhood boundaries, and set a date and time for the public hearing regarding this application. The premises will need to be posted by the applicant with a public hearing notice provided by the City Clerk. Petitioning cannot be done until the premise has been posted for 48 hours and the timing begins after photos of the posted notice are submitted to the City Clerk. The public hearing will be held on the predetermined date, where the applicant will make a presentation regarding the needs and desires of the neighborhood. After the presentation, the LLA will make a decision to approve or deny the application for a license, contingent upon background check clearance by the CBI. If approved, the application is then sent to the State Liquor Division for its approval. If concurrent review is requested, the application will be sent to the State Liquor Division after the public hearing has been set.

  Application Due Date   LLA Meeting Date        Application Due Date  LLA Meeting Date
 December 16, 2013  January 8, 2014        June 9, 2014   July 2, 2014
 January 13, 2014  February 5, 2014        July 14, 2014   August 6, 2014
 February 10, 2014  March 5, 2014        August 11, 2014   September 3, 2014
 March 10, 2014  April 2, 2014        September 8, 2014   October 1, 2014
 April 14, 2014  May 7, 2014        October 13, 2014   November 5, 2014
 May 12, 2014  June 4, 2014        November 10, 2014   December 3, 2014

It would be to your advantage to have local representation to follow the process of obtaining a liquor license. If you have any questions on the process, or need further information regarding a new Liquor License, please email or call 303-438-6332 and ask for Tricia or Judy.  The Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division phone number is 303-205-2300. State of Colorado, Department of Revenue Liquor and Beer Code and Regulations Books are available for purchase by contacting State Central Stores at 303-321-4161. You can also contact the State’s Liquor Division on the State’s web site at www.colorado.gov/revenue/liquor.